BDSM Aftercare 101 – How to look after Your Sub After Enjoy

BDSM Aftercare 101 – How to look after Your Sub After Enjoy

  • Can’t settle down or experiencing cranky
  • Experiencing bad, useless, or helpless
  • Experiencing lazy or tired
  • Emotions of hopelessness and/or pessimism
  • Persistent unfortunate, anxious, or emotions of emptiness
  • Issues with appetite
  • Issues with rest period (an excessive amount of or perhaps not sufficient)
  • Ideas of committing committing committing suicide, committing committing suicide efforts
  • Lack of desire for tasks or hobbies when enjoyable, including sex
  • Difficulty focusing, remembering details, and decisions that are making
  • Aches or discomforts, headaches, cramps, or problems that are digestive usually do not disappear even with therapy

These feelings can arrive immediately after a scene or anywhere from 24 to 72 hours after (with respect to the intensity for the scene plus the Dom/sub’s character, constitution degree, or issues they could be going right through at that minute.)

Essentially, fall is significantly diffent for every single individual as well as each scene.

SIDE NOTE – one good way to help avoid fall will be go into and gradually recede from the scene.


  • If you should be brand new play partners, you have to discuss/share just what aftercare will become necessary.
  • That you’re already familiar with the aftercare needed) if you’ve played often with your partner, you might just need to quickly double check nothing has changed (or you’ve played often enough. Leia mais