Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend Campground sits across the vast shores of Beaver Lake within the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, providing roomy and campsites which can be sunny an abundance of recreational use.

Horseshoe Bend Campground has big campsites with a great amount of color and room for tasks, and it is actions out of the pond coast. Fire bands, picnic areas, normal water and flush toilets all alllow for a comfortable camping getaway.

There are three big group picnic areas available, ideal for big events and family members get-togethers.

Have to know

    Please sign in with camp host upon arrival

Campsites can accommodate one RV and another tent, or three tents.

Take note: there was a $5 area usage charge per car for non-campers. (Currently, because of Covid-19, no area usage costs are now being gathered).

Horseshoe Bend Use Area is currently closed day. Aside from campers, only people introducing boats are going to be permitted within the park at the moment.

Normal Features

Towering limestone bluffs, normal caves and many different woods and flowering shrubs surround Horseshoe Bend Campground, which makes it a perfect retreat for outside enthusiasts sign in.

Beaver pond and Dam, finished in 1966, ended up being constructed within the White River Basin and boasts 449 kilometers of stunning shoreline near the top of the preservation pool.

Even though the dam had been initially designed for flooding control, hydroelectric energy and public water supply, it has additionally produced a favorite oasis that is recreational.

Nearby Attractions

Several marinas are observed round the pond, providing groceries, gas, ship rentals and storage space, fishing guides and camping materials. View here to learn more.


Fishing opportunities are abundant near Horseshoe Bend Campground. Beaver Lake has a lot more than 28,000 area acres of water, and fishermen can take to their fortune at getting big and small-mouth bass, crappie, bream, white bass, stripers, and channel or spoon-bill catfish. Leia mais